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A rich cornflower blue swirl, this print is designed to blend or clash with your existing schemes. I love it as a ruffle on a cushion, but what about having some curtains or a headboard upholstered?


All our fabrics are printed in the UK, with a lead time of about 10-15 days.


We are providing our prints on:


  • A versatile 100% organic cotton Drill. This medium weight fabric is the one we use on our cushions. It has a twill weave which makes it robust and durable. It can be used for cushion covers, placemats, curtains, accessories, upholstery and headboards...

Care: Wash at a cool 30º – 40º (240 gsm  Fabric Width – 144 cm)


  • A cotton linen mix. Linen is made from natural flax fibres. An open weave made from flax plant fibres. This heavier weight linen has a tight weave including slub indications. Strong but soft to the touch. This is an ideal fabric for cushions, soft furnishings, upholstery, tailored garments, bags, etc.

Care: Wash at 30º – 40º (290gsm 140cm fabric width)


  • And lastly, we have a cotton hemp slub, which is more lightweight and ideal for tableware. There’s a great list of very positive features associated with hemp:

The more you wash it, the softer it becomes. The resulting feel offers a superb fluid drape and luxurious finish.
It has anti-bacterial properties and is quite resistant to moths and insects.

Care: Wash at a cool 30º – 40º (152 gsm Fabric width 140 cm)




Fabric in Cornflower blue

1 Meter
  • We hold no stock for our fabrics. Everything is printed to order.

    We do not accept returns for fabrics unless faulty.

    Please do get in touch if you need colours matched to anything at

  • 100cm minimum

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